Want to get involved?

Want to get involved?

Want to make a difference?  Want to affect real change in your community? Want to learn about the ins and outs of managing a multi-million dollar business and gain invaluable business experience?  Then perhaps running for election to the Union Board is something you should consider.

Union Board Directors learn about corporate governance, how to monitor a business’ finances and develop strategic plans.  They also generate management and communication skills while learning how to operate in an office environment.

Union board elections/nominations

Elections are held in March.  Extra elections may be held in the event of a casual vacancy.  To nominate you must be a member of the ANU Union.  When elections are necessary, the Returning Officer publishes a call for nominations on the Union notice boards, website and other relevant publications.  Nominations then remain open for between seven and fourteen days.  Nomination forms may be accessed from the Unions Administration Office.

More information about elections or nominating for the Union Board can be obtained from the Union’s Constitution.


Membership to the ANU Union is free for all undergraduate and post graduate students.  Membership gives you voting and nomination rights in the annual Union Board elections and gives you a chance to have a say in the way the ANU Union is run.

Comments of past board members

Josh Gordon-Carr (Deputy Chair 2006-2007):  “The Union Board teaches essential life skills that university courses do not, running meetings and the art of negotiation.  With responsibility for a business with turnover in excess of $5m a year, understanding the business and its stakeholders cannot be learned in any textbook.”

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